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Who We Are

supports the client’s vision by creating innovative and flexible human resource solutions. These solutions support business growth and commercial targets, whilst balancing the company interests and line department requirements. The successes we achieve are due to our dedication, commitment and indomitable spirit, no matter how tough the challenges we face.

However, our greatest asset is, beyond any doubt, our employees. Our firm is managed by a group of professionals with technical expertise and rich experience. We take pride in performing our work professionally, with integrity, passion and dedication to our clients, achieving positive results through effective and cohesive teamwork fostering trust and respect for individuals, supporting the diversity of our people while providing a stable, harmonious, productive and safe working environment.

“Maximizing potential of your human capital and optimizing your HR processes is our desire”


Our Vision

Our vision is to become a top-ranked resource, for quality manpower from India to the Middle East & South East Asia equally admired by job seekers and business establishments across the globe for promoting ethical, reliable and transparent recruitment process.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a platform where business establishments across the globe and job aspirants can connect with each other and achieve mutually beneficial results. 


Our consultants understand the vital role of Human Resources in the development and eventual success of any organization. Building upon this insight, we partner organizations by devising effective and time-bound solutions.

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Director Desk

In this world of diversification and new constant job prospects acting as a mediator between job seekers and companies that are looking forward to hiring suitable candidates, we are manpower placement consultant for gulf in Mumbai and provide innumerable choices to both ends.

The provision of such flexibilities as to what quality of candidate a company wants to hire or which type of company a candidate is willing to work with, has made us one of a kind in the field of recruitment.

Hiring the right candidate at the right time at the right place in the right company is our essence. We facilitate our clients by shortening the entire process of selection and recruitment since we know the value of your precious time, and our approach has always been people-focused. Rather than quantity, we look forward to a qualitative approach.

The mission of the company is to provide quality support to the employer through a process of counseling, education, training, testing, consultancy and continuing professional development program. Customer satisfaction by constant up gradation of services, increase the performance skill of personnel by adopting latest training method.

The principal objective of our company is to facilitate Indian quality workers worldwide, by accessing employment opportunities for them. Our Success is based on the ability to understand the client’s manpower need & together with high qualified recruiters along with highly qualified engineers & technicians we outperform in sourcing the best quality of personnel required to meet and exceed the client’s highest expectation.

We provide the best professional & efficient service no other can match. We are a click away from you, email us your manpower needs and we will be more than pleased to assist you in your recruitment.

Mrs. Nithya R

Managing Director